The new class is intended to bring the basic knowledge and practice of Islam to our kids. Open from 10 AM to 6 PM every day during the summer months.

Arabic Courses

January 1 — December 1

Youth Leadership Program

January 1 — December 1

New Online Courses Are Coming

January 1 — December 1

From Wake Up to Sleep: Essentials of Islam Online

January 1 — December 1

“We look forward to working with you for the upcoming school year of 2021-2022. With the help of Allah, students will achieve a lot this year.”

AAl Azhars teaching strengths:

Beginning with a focus on love for Allah and his messenger. Focused on critical thinking and understanding. Promote an open dialogue which allows students to feel comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification.Using the latest technology to keep students engaged throughout the learning process.

The best of what a man leaves behind are three: a righteous child who supplicates for him, ongoing charity the reward of which reaches him, and knowledge that is acted upon after him.

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Fees are per family!
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