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Towards learning and practicing Islam in a balanced and moderate way !

Our centre is open for Friday prayer. Capacity is strictly limited. If you do not have a confirmed place you may not be able to attend.

Goals of Al-Azhar Islamic Centre Canada

Al- Azhar university is the most prestigious institute for Islamic learning in the world. We aim to bring the knowledge and wisdom of Al-Azhar to your neighborhood. One of our first priorities is to promote the Arabic Language among Canadian Muslims. We aspire to make education of the Arabic Language easy and convenient for all ages !

It is one of our goals to equip young Muslims with the correct understanding of Islam that is needed to be comfortable with their faith. In an age of rampant islamophobia, we hope that a moderate understanding of Islamic teachings and traditions will lead to greater confidence among Canadian Muslims, specifically the youth.

Another one of our goals is to develop and nurture hearts and minds to become the leaders we need for tomorrow. We aim to facilitate the development of future preachers and spiritual leaders within our local community. Few individuals are fortunate to attain the opportunity of travelling to Al-Azhar (Cairo) or any other prestigious Islamic institution over seas. This is why we feel the benefit of bringing the knowledge and methodology of Al-Azhar to Canada will benefit a large number of students who will positively contribute to a brighter future for us all !

Please send us an email to register: info@azharcanada.ca for Monday and Wednesday class 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST

Teaching Strengths of Al-Azhar Islamic Centre : Why chose Al-Azhar Academy

  • Beginning with a focus on love for Allah and our beloved messenger
  • The Azhari methodology is based on critical thinking / understanding
  • Promoting an open dialogue which allows students to feel comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification
  • Using the latest technology to keep students engaged throughout the learning process

Extra curricular Islamic Education

  • Weekdays after 5 pm / weekends 11 am – 2:00 pm
  • ages 6- 14 years old
  • learn to read Quran with correct Arabic accent
  • Learn the basics of Wudhu/ Salah / Daily Duas
  • Life of prophet Muhammad / Fundamental Islamic studies

Arabic Language Course – Towards understanding the Quran and unlocking the beauty of Islamic knowledge

  • Taught using Al-Azhar curriculum for foreigners (non Arabic speaking)
  • Course duration – 2 years
  • In person / online education options
  • Upon completion, students will be able to read and understand Arabic
  • Students will receive a diploma, accredited by Al-Azhar university upon completion of the course

Youth Leadership Program

  • Ages 14 + (targeted for highschool students)
  • Focused on identifying and developing leadership qualities as illustrated by our beloved prophet Muhammad
  • Deen Studies for Teens (Why believe in God, Why follow a prophet, How do we know the Quran is from God)
  • Contemporary issues (Peer pressure / Islamic Perspective on Dating / Alcohol / Gambling / others)
  • Opportunities to practice leadership physically in the local community

Full-time / Part-time Hifz Program

  • After school , 6- 8:30 pm Monday – Friday
  • Weekends 11- 2:30 pm
  • Classes for boys and girls
  • Ijazah provided upon completion of memorization

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“The best things that a person leaves behind are three : a righteous child who makes dua after his or her parents have passed, ongoing charity that continues to benefit others, and knowledge that is acted upon after him. ” – Prophet Muhammad PBUH